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“Always busy creating new teaching materials”

The building of Public Elementary School de Dissel

“The pupils start a ProConnect session in small groups and compete against each other in a maths game.”

The energetic Roelien is always creating lesson material and almost always uses Prowise Presenter. She teaches primary school pupils aged 10-11 at the Dissel-Dalton school in Ruinerwold in the Netherlands. This school works with Prowise Presenter and Roelien has an exemplary role: “Once you realise the possibilities…”

Leerkracht Roelien van Openbare Basisschool de Dissel-Daltonschool maakt zelf materiaal in Prowise Presenter

Roelien loves trying out new things and being innovative. “When I think a programme or a product has value to education, I never hesitate to try it out”, Roelien explains. This philosophy led her to get started with Presenter years ago. After intensive use she also realises that she has made developments: “If I compare the first presentations I created to the ones I make now, I can clearly see an improvement. You truly learn how to work with a programme by just doing it and before you realise you are using the full capacity of the programme with all its possibilities.”


From daily schedules to complete lessons
Prowise Presenter already starts with the daily schedule. “My day and week schedule are visible throughout the day so the pupils know what is going on. Then I prepare the instructions and backgrounds for maths or writing exercises that we will do that day”, Roelien says. “I usually prepare the teaching material for the entire week so everything is under the same roof in Presenter.