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Designed specifically so you can get even more out of your day in front of the class. 

Makes learning interactive and fun! For you, your colleagues and pupils.

Kind speelt MOVE spel op Prowise touchscreen

Enrich your teaching experience

Get the most out of your lesson with matching accessories, suitable for your touchscreen. Make your lesson truly interactive by learning in motion. Or move the touchscreen and switch rooms easily.

A touchscreen that moves with you

With the Prowise Lift Systems, you can use your touchscreen exactly how you want. Tilt or adjust the height of the touchscreen and create countless new ways of interactive teaching.


  • Easy operation with your foot, the screen or a remote control
  • Enables educational games via touch table tools in Prowise Presenter
  • Completely safe thanks to the GS and CE certification
  • Choice of four different types of lifts

Prowise touchscreens gebruiken als computer dankzij Prowise PC-module

Without a cable, straight to work

The Prowise PC modules turn the touchscreen into a computer. This means you don’t need to connect your own device. And you can easily show a presentation on the screen.


  • Be logged in to your own Windows 10 or 11 environment
  • Open your presentation on the screen in your own secure Windows environment
  • Compact but fast,working as you are used to, on your own computer
  • Efficient and remotely manageable by Intel vPro

Bewegend leren in de klas met de Prowise MOVE-camera

Learning in motion

Get moving with the Prowise MOVE camera. Get pupils engaged in your teaching with full energy. Or have a consultation or lesson remotely by video calling. 


  • Positive impact on learning outcome
  • Perfect if your class could use a pick-me-up
  • Enables new ways of learning
  • Play free MOVE games without touching the screen
  • Video call your colleagues

Prowise Speakerphone

Great hybrid meetings ahead

Are hybrid meetings – with multiple people in the same room and some joining online –  common in your organisation? The Prowise Wireless Bluetooth Speaker makes sure everyone can hear each other excellently. On top of that, the speakerphone works perfectly with your Prowise touchscreen.


  • Wireless speakerphone
  • Cable included
  • 6 powerful microphones
  • All-in-one speakerphone and soundbar
Prowise iPro Whiteboard Extension

Write with a marker if you want to

No need to go digital all the way. The Prowise iPro Whiteboard Extension allows you to write the daily schedule and household chores with a marker.


  • Write on four surfaces
  • Easy to fold as you’re used to
  • Hang pieces of paper with a magnet
  • Secure attachment and high-quality protective coating

Small but powerful accessories

To get even more out of the daily use of your interactive display, we have developed small but special accessories.

For that pen-on-paper writing experience

Let several pupils write with you by using extra pens with ProWrite® Touch technology. This makes writing even more fun!

Wireless clicking and typing

A wireless keyboard and mouse, ideal if you work with a Prowise PC module that does not require you to use your own laptop.

Responsible cleaning

With the special composition of the Prowise Cleaning kit, you can be sure that you won’t damage the anti-reflection layer of the touchscreen while cleaning.

Always well understood

Do you often teach remotely, or have a digital consultation? Thanks to the built-in microphones in the wireless Prowise Speakerphone, everyone can be heard clearly and you can do anything.

Your gear within reach

Do you have several pens, a wireless keyboard, mouse and remote control? Easily put them away on the Prowise Keyboard Tray, attached to the Prowise iPro Lift.

Control the touchscreen remotely

Even more flexible and an enhanced classroom experience? With the Magic Remote, you can even click on the touchscreen from the back of the classroom, including magnifier function and a spotlight.

An added value to these touchscreens

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Prowise Touchscreen Ultra

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Interface of Prowise Touchscreen Ten

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