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A secure digital ecosystem

For the entire school.

Prowise is the benchmark in secure education

Prowise supports your school and teachers. Our ecosystem offers everything you need to create fun lessons, offer customised exercises to your pupils, easily manage your network and much more.


And that in complete safety. After all, we know better than anyone else how precious pupils’ data is and how important it is to provide secure educational material. With Prowise, you face the future with confidence.

Juffrouw geeft les voor een klas met behulp van Prowise Presenter op een Prowise touchscreen Prowise touchscreen opstarten met één druk op de knop Leerling oefent rekenvaardigheid met Prowise Learn Rekentuin Kinderen in voortgezet onderwijs werken op een Prowise Chromebook Twee leerkrachten werken met twee pennen tegelijk aan een Prowise touchscreen Prowise collega werkt op een Prowise Chromebook Servers

What do our solutions look like?

We have created an entire ecosystem full of digital education solutions. Those solutions are powerful on their own, but also complement each other. By using them together, you take full advantage of the synergies. So you can make your digital school as strong and efficient as you want it to be. From interactive displays and personal devices to the best educational software – Prowise has a solution for every school.


Our touchscreens and devices are easy to integrate with the systems in your school. Microsoft, Google? Prowise suits you.

  • Long-lasting touchscreens with the best value for money you can find.
  • Free and automatic updates for touchscreens (5 years)
  • All the devices and accessories you need from one supplier


Prowise’s software world is diverse and vast. The IT manager effortlessly manages all the Prowise touchscreens with Prowise Screen Control. The teacher creates the most fun lessons in no time with Prowise Presenter. And the pupils practice at their own pace with Prowise Learn or enjoy some exercise with Prowise MOVE.

  • 100% safe
  • Automatically up-to-date
  • Affordable

Affordable quality

We want to help revolutionise the way we learn. That’s why we develop digital education solutions. And that’s also why we make our products as affordable as possible – so that every child has access to the best possible education. 

A responsible partner

We hope that the next generation can live carefree in our world. But hoping is not enough, we are already doing our bit. For instance, our touchscreens are made of recycled materials as much as possible and offer you the possibility to adjust your energy consumption.

And it doesn’t stop there either: we offer ready-made lessons on sustainability in Prowise Presenter and respect various Sustainable Development Goals.

100% safe

We develop and manufacture our solutions ourselves, with the highest quality standards in mind. The importance of pupils’ and teachers’ safety when using our interactive displays or lifts is always paramount. But we also protect school security when there are hackers.

Control of your data

Pupils’ and schools’ data are no plaything. That is why we choose the best security for your data. All our solutions are developed in the Netherlands. And all data is stored on local servers, which is unique in the market. So you don’t have to fear (foreign) prying eyes. Your data is safe.


We regularly receive certificates that confirm our attention to security and prove that our solution is the safest on the education market.

Logo Test Result Secure certification
Logo ISO 27001-Zertifikat certification
Logo CIPP-E certification
Logo Geprüfte Sicherheit certification
Logo ISO 9001 certification
Logo Privacy Verified certification
Logo Student Privacy Pledge certification
Discover more about our certifications

Prowise. Empowering Education.

Is your school full of digital natives ready for the next level? Have a chat with our experts. Together, we will see how we can bring your vision of digitisation to life. 

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