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Prowise MOVE games

Start moving in class with the educational Prowise Move games.
Different games you can play with Prowise Move

Learning in motion

Improve pupils’ learning performance, let them learn in motion! The free Prowise Move games, designed specifically for this purpose, and the Prowise Move camera create a unique learning experience in your classroom.

A game you can play with Prowise Move

Getting started with language

The ‘Recognise the letter’ game lets your pupils practise recognising letters. Before starting the game, you can set which letter(s) you want to practise. But also how long you want to play, with or without sound and at what speed. 


In the game, ‘Flashing words’ pupils jump and move to find the right letters to arrive at the complete word. Because the letters are constantly in different places, it is an active form of learning!

Moving learning in the classroom with the Prowise MOVE camera

Practising maths

Want your pupils to memorise tables while moving? Then discover the game ‘Practising multiplication tables’. In the game ‘Level up’, you decide what to practise and how to practise it! And learning to recognise patterns? Your pupils can easily do that with the game ‘Complete sequence’.


Secondary school pupils can also practise adding powers with the game ‘Calculations with powers’.

A game you can play with Prowise Move

Improve world-orientation

Deal with the theme of food by sorting food in the game ‘Sort the food’. Want to teach your pupils more about animals while moving? Then play the game ‘Sort the animals’. 


Learn all about flags and buildings from around the world with the game ‘Test your knowledge’. Introduce pupils to other countries in a playful way.

Student playing with Prowise move

Perfect as an energiser in your classroom

The Prowise Move games are a perfect energiser for your classroom! Let pupils learn while moving with the  ‘Sort the colour’ game by catching apples in the right colour. Or practice motor skills with‘1,2,3… pose!’  by having pupils imitate a pose while moving.

Add Move to your Prowise touchscreen

Do you already have the Prowise Move camera and would you like to play our energising games? Download Prowise Move in the Prowise Appstore and get ready to try out all these fun games in your classroom.

Download Move

Play the Prowise Move games on your touchscreen with the Move camera

The Prowise MOVE camera records students' movements

Move camera

Make your lessons even more fun and interactive by learning in motion.
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