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Digital teaching aids

Discover the different digital teaching tools for your Prowise touchscreen and devices.

Makes learning even more fun

With our customised teaching tools, you not only make it easy on yourself, you also bring an extra touch of interaction and fun to your lessons!

Lachende juffrouw geeft les voor een klas met behulp van Prowise Presenter

The best lessons are made by you

With all the functionality you need, but faster, more comprehensive and more complete on your touchscreen or device! Prowise Presenter is a user-friendly educational software that makes it easy to create an interactive lesson.


  • Use interactive tools, illustrations and 3D graphics to reinforce your lessons. Or organise your class with class management tools. 
  • Easy to use with a handy toolbar to type, erase, draw and edit images.
  • Establish a secure digital connection between pupil devices and the large interactive display. This allows the whole class to collaborate on a mind map, presentation or quiz.
Student works with Prowise Learn on a device

Adaptive practice, at own level

With Prowise Learn, pupils practise maths through play. Each pupil learns in his or her own way and level. Using science-based adaptive AI technology, exercises are constantly tailored to the pupil’s level. 


  • Getting started with our exercise programme Math Garden
  • Continuous measurement of knowledge and skills
  • Track your pupil’s growth
  • Also accessible as homework, practice at home on tablet or computer
Bewegend leren in de klas met de Prowise MOVE-camera en spellen

Learning in motion

Improve pupils’ learning performance, let them learn in motion with Prowise MOVE games! The free Prowise MOVE games, developed specifically for this purpose, and the Prowise MOVE camera create a unique learning experience in your classroom.


  • Let pupils learn in motion with numerous maths games
  • Completely free of charge in combination with the Prowise MOVE camera
  • Specially developed by education specialists to complement your current curriculum

Want the best experience? Use the learning tools quickly and easily on Prowise touchscreens

Interface of Prowise Touchscreen Ultra"

Prowise Touchscreen Ultra

A state-of-the-art interactive display with an unbeatable writing sensation.
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Interface of Prowise Touchscreen Ten

Prowise Touchscreen Ten

The interactive display with the best value for money.
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Interface of Prowise Touchscreen One 98"

Prowise Touchscreen One 98″

The large-size interactive display with room-filling image and sound.
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