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Prowise touchscreens: 100% customised to the needs of education. 

High in quality, low in price

Being virtually the only provider, we develop our interactive displays ourselves. That has many benefits: by talking to schools every day, we know what is needed and what works comfortably. This is how we offer the greatest quality and safety. Important extra advantage: we do not have any unnecessary middlemen. This is why our prices are so competitive. With a 7-year warranty.

Interface Prowise Touchscreen Ultra

Prowise Touchscreen Ultra

A state-of-the art interactive display with an unbeatable writing sensation.


  • Application of the latest technologies: PCAP, optical bonding and nano-textured glass
  • The most natural writing experience
  • Large (improved) viewing angle
Interface of Prowise Touchscreen Ten

Prowise Touchscreen Ten

The interactive display with the best value for money 

Interface van Prowise Touchscreen One 98"

Prowise Touchscreen One G2 98”

Great performance


  • Suitable for larger classrooms and rooms, such as auditoriums and lecture halls
  • Outstanding image and room-filling audio
  • Easily connect a device, share a screen


Compare our interactive displays

Interface Prowise Touchscreen Ultra


Interface of Prowise Touchscreen Ten


Interface van Prowise Touchscreen One 98"


Operating system
Central (Android 13) or Google EDLA
Central (Android 13) or Google EDLA
Central (Android 11)
Optical bonding
Zero bonding
Zero bonding
Touch technology
8 GB
8 GB
6 GB
64 GB
64 GB
32 GB

A Prowise interactive display does what it is supposed to do

Intuitive writing experience

  • Smart writing functions: writing, drawing and highlighting
  • Natural writing sensation thanks to infrared or PCAP technology
  • With palm recognition

High image and sound quality

  • Viewing angle of 178°
  • Innovative bonding technology (zero bonding or optical bonding)
  • 2.1 soundbar and subwoofer

High-quality components

  • Future-proof and sustainable materials
  • Super-fast working & extra-large memory
  • Long service life

Including pens

  • The choice is yours: write with your finger or a pen
  • Multiple pens included
  • With pen pick-up recognition for instant writing

Useful educational tools

  • Digital whiteboard with mini tools (set square, ruler, compass)
  • Ad-free web browser
  • Secure Prowise App Store
  • Seamlessly compatible with our educational software

Display and control multiple screens

  • Screencast up to 4 screens simultaneously
  • Display and control up to 10 screens simultaneously via Prowise Reflect

Your interactive display, our responsibility

Contributing to high-quality digital education is our top priority. But that is not the only thing we think about. 

Student at work on a Prowise Touchscreen

Certified safety

Our touchscreens have been awarded demanding safety certificates by various authorities. Therefore, they meet the highest safety standards. The German GS certification confirms that the screens pose no risk to the safety and health of users. Other TÜV certifications ensure visual comfort, good visibility from all angles, and eye protection.

Teacher teaches a class about traffic using Prowise Presenter


Our products have been thoroughly tested several times to protect your privacy and that of your students. Moreover, we only work with secure European Prowise servers and data is not a revenue model for us.

Privacy by Prowise
Prowise touchscreen startup at the touch of a button


Your interactive display is designed for the long term with high-quality materials. Furthermore, we help you control your energy consumption with three power modes and automatic screen brightness adjustment.

Prowise installers place a Prowise touchscreen at customer's site

7-year warranty

At Prowise, we know exactly what we are making. Our interactive displays therefore have an extremely low failure rate. So you get a 7-year warranty, with (on-site) service and repair.

How we ensure your privacy and security

Logo TUV SUD Low Blue Ligt
Privacy Verified
Logo TUV Eye Comfort
More about our certifications
Central, pc-module, device, Google, Windows

Work exactly the way you want

Every teacher works differently. And that’s what our interactive displays are designed to do! That is why you can use and operate our touchscreens the way you want.


  • Get started with all of the tools from Prowise Central, your touchscreen’s operating system
  • Connect your device to the screen and use your touchscreen like your own laptop
  • Turn your touchscreen into a Windows PC with our PC modules
  • Prefer to work just like on a Chromebook? Then choose the fully integrated Google-certified EDLA module
Interface van het Prowise Central besturingssysteem op Prowise touchscreen

Central: your touchscreen's operating system

Built on Android 13, Prowise Central helps you get the most out of your interactive displays. Security and future-proofing are guaranteed with automatic updates for 5 years. It offers plenty of opportunities to teach, without a PC module or device. Furthermore, you will enjoy our other software and hardware even more with the support of the powerful Central. Interested?

Prowise touchscreen met Google EDLA

Also possible: Google’s operating system

Choose which operating system you prefer to use on your Prowise touchscreen. Are you used to working with Google’s apps and tools? Thanks to Prowise’s Google EDLA certification, you can easily customise your operating system to that of Google. Find out which system suits you best!

Associated software

Discover our handy education software for teachers and IT administrators.

Designing interactive lessons in Prowise Presenter

Prowise Presenter

The free user-friendly software that makes your lesson even better.
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Engels oefenen in Prowise Words&Birds

Prowise Learn

With Learn, pupils practise their arithmetic while playing.
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Dashboard of Prowise Screen Control to change settings of multiple touchscreens simultaneously

Prowise Screen Control

Easily manage all Prowise touchscreens in your school.
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Associated accessories

PC Module

PC modules

With the Prowise PC module, a laptop is no longer necessary.
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Prowise iPro Whiteboard Extension as an extension to Prowise touchscreen

Prowise iPro Whiteboard Extension

Expand your touchscreen with two magnetic whiteboards.
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Topography you can practice with Prowise Presenter on a Prowise All-In-One PC

Prowise All-in-One PC

Smaller than an Interactive display, bigger than a personal device: a true all-rounder for you and your pupils.
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The Prowise MOVE camera records students' movements

Move camera

Make your lessons even more fun and interactive by learning in motion.
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Interface of Prowise touchscreen One 98 with the Neo Lift

Lift systems

Give your touchscreen the perfect spot in the classroom. Easily adjustable in height, exactly how you want it.
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