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Google EDLA

Work with Google apps and tools directly on your touchscreen!
EDLA Google

Work as you prefer

Choose which operating system you want to work with on your interactive display. Prowise’s Google EDLA certification allows you to choose how to get started: with the customised operating system Prowise Central, or with the Google-certified Android environment with, among others, the Google Play Store™ at your disposal.

Leerkracht geeft uitleg voor de klas en een Prowise touchscreen

What is Google EDLA?

Our touchscreens are Google EDLA-certified. EDLA is the abbreviation of Enterprise Devices Licensing Agreement. Thanks to this agreement, our touchscreens have full access to Google’s ecosystem. Thus, Prowise’s touchscreens can support the entire Google Workspace.

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Google EDLA

Just log into your Google account and all your favourite Google apps are at your disposal. Do you work on your personal device with the same account? Then you will find your work directly on the desktop of your Prowise touchscreen.


  • Apps such as Google Meet, Docs en Slides
  • Access to the official Google Play Store™
  • Access to Google Classroom™
  • Surfing with Google Chrome

Prowise Central vs. Google EDLA

Not sure what to choose right away? Discover the differences between the two operating systems below.

Prowise Central

Prowise Central

Google EDLA

Google EDLA

User-friendly interface; specially developed for education and interactive displays
Standard Android tablet interface; full integration with Google Workspace
Optimally tailored to education; developed in Europe
Not tailored to education; developed in the US
No unwanted data sharing; meets the highest European privacy standards
Data sharing with Google and related parties
Very robust security in compliance with ISO 27001
Security according to Google’s strict standards
Guaranteed updates
5-year automatic updates
2-year automatic updates
App Ecosystem
Educational app store that minimises the risk of exposure to unwanted content
Full access to Google Play Store
Device management
Complete control with BSI-certified Prowise Screen Control
Standard Android device management with limited options to change settings
100% adaptable to educational needs
Limited options for adjustments

Discover our touchscreens

On these Prowise touchscreens, you can start using Google EDLA.

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