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Neo Lift Systems

Discover our most durable lift systems. User friendly, inclusive and future proof.
Interface of Prowise touchscreen One 98 with the Neo Lift
Juffrouw aan het werken op een Prowise touchscreen dat op een Neo liftsysteem staat.

Innovative and user-friendly lift system

Do you want to use all the capabilities of your touchscreen? Then opt for a Prowise Neo lift system: a sophisticated system that allows you to determine the set-up of your touchscreen yourself, as it suits you best. That way, it’s easy to get to work every day!


Neo Lift

Fixed or mobile? You choose!

Would you like your touchscreen in one fixed spot? Then choose the Prowise Neo Wall Lift: attached to the wall wherever you want it. If there are cables or objects on the wall, the lift can easily be placed a little further away. Do you prefer flexible teaching? With the Prowise Neo Mobile Lift, you can safely move your touchscreen around the classroom.


  • Suitable for Prowise touchscreens from 55″ to 98″
  • Only one cable needed for lift and touchscreen
  • Adjustable in height with your foot or via Prowise Central
Prowise Neo Lift

The most sustainable solution

Thanks to their unique modular construction and high-quality materials, the Prowise Neo lifts are our most durable lift systems to date. And because all Prowise products are developed in-house, spare parts are always available. That way, your lift will last for many years to come.


  • <5% plastic components
  • 100% recycled packaging
  • 60% less packaging material required
  • 5 years full warranty
Neo Liftsysteem

Accessible to all

Did you know that the Prowise Neo lift systems are also ADA-compliant? This makes your touchscreen accessible to everyone and makes your set-up more inclusive. This also allows wheelchair users to easily reach everything. This is useful for specialised teaching or if you have students with disabilities in the classroom.

VESA Wall Mount

Your touchscreen fixed to the wall

Don’t need functions such as moving, tilting or raising and lowering your touchscreen? With the Prowise Wall Bracket, your interactive display hangs securely and stably in a fixed position in your classroom.

Compare our lift systems

Prowise Neo Mobile Lift

Prowise Neo Wall Lift

Suitable for
All Prowise touchscreens (max. dimensions VESA bracket 1000 x 600 mm)
All Prowise touchscreens (max. dimensions VESA bracket 1000 x 600 mm)
Base surface
Basic module: 797 x 292 x 932 mm Mobile Wheel Base: 960 x 586 x 1001 mm
Basic module: 797 x 292 x 932 mm Wall Bracket: 870 x 120 x 57 mm
Maximum load
150 kg
150 kg
Stroke length
950 mm
950 mm
Lift speed
35 mm/s maximum load
35 mm/s maximum load
Collision detection
5 years
5 years
Turning a Prowise touchscreen into a table with the Prowise iPro Tilt Lift

Looking for a lift system that also allows you to tilt your touchscreen? Then check out the Prowise iPro Tilt or Toddler lift!

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