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Prowise Presenter

The free user-friendly software that makes your lesson even better.

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Prepare your lesson in no time

With Prowise Presenter, you can get started right away. It’s an incredibly intuitive teaching software to prepare your lessons in. Whether you like to create them yourself or prefer to pick a prepared template from our library, you are at the helm of your lesson. 


Moreover, our library is bursting with illustrations, sounds, backgrounds, videos and 3D models. Here, you will find the best examples to visually present your educational material and captivate your pupils. No figure or lesson will ever be complicated again!

Tessa TeachAssist puts together her own presentation on Vincent van Gogh

Tessa, your personal AI assistant

Not enough hours in a day? No one gets that like a teacher. To give you even better support, we developed Tessa, a virtual TeachAssist. 


You give commands and Tessa conducts the necessary research for you in the blink of an eye. With a few pointed questions, Tessa will help you put together the perfect lesson – all complete with text, images, a ProQuiz and interactive tools of your choice. Pick a style template and open your lesson in Presenter straight away. Adjust where needed and get to work!

The Prowise Presenter-tools

Measuring cup
Topography tool Prowise Presenter
Birthday cake
Discover all tools

Hundreds of educational tools

All the features you are used to, but faster, more comprehensive and more complete!


Word searches, word magnets, Hangman, memory and more. Playing with language together has never been so much fun.


Do maths with analogue and digital clocks, show fraction circles, use the measuring cup, or learn to work with graphs. Everything is possible within Prowise Presenter.

Biology and geography

Consult the periodic table together or look at the world’s most beautiful topographic maps.

Classroom management

Use the tools that help you create a map and groups, celebrate birthdays, draw numbers, keep score, set timers and so on.

And much more

Code with CodeWise, play the piano, add notes to your lesson, connect to your pupils’ devices, and so on.


Download all specifications here

Leerkracht begeleidt leerling die spel speelt op Prowise touchscreen Kind werkt op Prowise Chromebook in Prowise Presenter ProConnect Van een Prowise touchscreen een tafel maken met de Prowise iPro Tilt Lift BSI certificaat wordt overhandogd door de Duitse overheid aan Prowise Privacy Officer

Prowise Presenter in a nutshell

Interactive lessons

With Prowise Presenter, you finally get the chance to really engage your pupils in the lesson. Thanks to a broad arsenal of interactive tools, you keep their attention. Make a mind map together to better understand the lesson? A maths race or quiz to test knowledge? With Prowise Presenter it’s super easy.

Collaborating in Prowise Presenter

It is easy to share your lessons with your colleagues. So you can share, improve and add to lessons whenever you want.

But pupils can also work together in Prowise Presenter. For example, it is a handy tool for preparing presentations together. And perhaps the coolest thing is how pupils can collaborate with the touch-table tools on the tilted touchscreen.

Learning in complete safety

The development of Prowise Presenter software you use every day has been certified by the BSI, the global authority on cyber security. The Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik (the German Federal Office for Information Security) tests and assesses how companies handle information security and data storage.


The quality of Prowise products has been confirmed on multiple occasions.

Use Presenter the way you want

There are several ways to get started with Prowise Presenter.

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iOS App

Central App

Central App

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Offline App

Offline App

Only available with tenders

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What do schools have to say about Prowise Presenter?

“The tools in Presenter particularly appeal and engage, they can underline and make notes on the screen to help their understanding of a topic.”
Student working with Prowise Presenter
Forest Academy
“Prowise Presenter provides a visual and easy to understand environment so pupils can easily see their strengths and where they need to improve.”
Teacher teaches with Prowise Presenter
Jack Ellis (PE teacher)
Oakwood Academy
“The pupils start a ProConnect session in small groups and compete against each other in a maths game.”
Teacher Roelien of Openbare Basisschool de Dissel-Daltonschool creates her own materials in Prowise Presenter
Teacher primary school – Openbare Basisschool de Dissel-Daltonschool

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