Product Security & Response Policy

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Our commitment to high security standards has existed from the founding of Prowise. We have always been trendsetters making sure our products receive the support they need with long warranty periods and free software updates.


We also have various policies that detail how we handle privacy, security and our general commitment to customers. Here we explain exactly what that entails for specific products.


1. Prowise Product Security Policy
On this page you can read everything about our Prowise Security Policy. Besides the fact that we adhere to all world wide standards, we also have multiple certifications to prove our security Policy. Below you will find some information with respect to the certifications regarding (information) security.


2. Reporting Steps, Rewards and Recognition
Please send your reports to with all information you have. In our Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure policy we describe in detail how we prefer issues or security vulnerabilities to be reported. The policy also outlines how the process of handling your report works, what rewards we extend to external researchers that help our overall security and we have acknowledgements for finding critical issues.

Please read about all details in our Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure.


3. Privacy and confidentiality
Your privacy is Prowise’ top priority. This is rooted in a profound belief in the right to privacy, which is expressed in our Privacy Core Values.

We Care
We handle your data with care and respect. When developing our products, privacy is our first concern.

We Protect
We offer safe and secure solutions that have been certified by independent authorities.

We do not share
We do not see data as a business model. We develop our products entirely independently and in-house.

Please read more in our Privacy Statement.


4. Contacting us
Please share your findings via an email with a detailed description to
Other channels are not able to process your report, nor have any impact on resolutions.


5. Product Security Update Assurance

Prowise OTA update policy

At Prowise, we are committed to providing you with secure and reliable products. We recognize the importance of (security) updates and are dedicated to continuously investing in the resources necessary to enhance the security and functionalities of our products.


Prowise touchscreens* are regularly provided with automatic OTA (over-the-air) updates that improve both the device (hardware) and the software on the device. Prowise commits to providing long-term (security) update support for our products and we ensure the following:

1. Long-term Support: Starting from the initial product release date, each Prowise Touchscreen is guaranteed to receive OTA update support for at least 5 years, in which we will regularly review and address any issues that may affect product security, usability and applications.


These updates may, but will not always include:

    • Updates of applications or of the operating system
    • Security updates
    • Firmware updates for the device

2. Update Frequency:
Prowise is committed to maintaining the highest standards of security by releasing updates on a regular basis. These updates are strategically planned based on the specific needs of the product and changes in the security environment. We ensure that significant security threats will be prioritized.

3. Update Notifications:
Once a new OTA update is available for your device, you will receive a notification through the appropriate channels such as the product interface, email, or our official website. We highly recommend always installing the latest software and application updates to ensure that all the latest features and security updates are available and you can use the device optimally.

4. Android security patch updates: Our adherence to Android security patches is governed by Google’s policies. Should updates cease within five years, we are committed to making every effort to continue providing security updates. Additionally, we will thoroughly investigate and assess any potential impacts or security risks that may arise if these patches cannot be installed.

5. If there is an extension to the current OTA update support period, we will update and publish the revised support timeframe. This information will be made available to all users as quickly as practicable.

Note about feature specific updates, progress in hardware and technology ultimately leads to outdated devices; and as time passes, we cannot indefinitely guarantee that older devices will be updated to take advantage of new OS features or that older screens will continue to support the device settings or the ability to receive Prowise content.

It is possible that a particular feature update may not become available for your touchscreens. This may occur if the hardware specifications are insufficient to support the new software update (e.g., insufficient RAM or ROM memory) or because the performance of the touchscreen would significantly decrease due to the update (e.g., if the processor is not fast enough). However, we do our best to provide OTA updates to as many types of touchscreens as possible.

This document serves as prior notification of the OTA Update policy for:

    • Prowise Touchscreens – Applicable to touchscreens for education and business customers.


General Policy

    • When a device reaches its AUE (Auto Update Expiration) date, it means that the product model is considered outdated, and automatic software updates from Prowise are no longer guaranteed.
    • Customers using devices that have surpassed the AUE date will no longer receive full support for Prowise OTA updates.
    • For product-specific update (AUE) dates, please refer to the following table below: Prowise update expiration dates.
    • New software updates may be received later than the published AUE date, but they will never be discontinued earlier than stated.
    • For Prowise Touchscreens, this is generally 5 years after the initial launch.
    • The “End of Sale” date of the device is not related to the AUE date of the model. Therefore, the end of sale date is not shown in the table.
    • Although we make every effort to make updates available for all applicable models as quickly as possible, the delivery time of these updates may vary depending on the regions and models.