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November 30, 2023

The safety of Prowise touchscreens has been confirmed by AV-TEST yet again

The Prowise Touchscreen Ten G2 has passed the strict demands from the German AV-TEST Institute with flying colours.

Security of Prowise touchscreens confirmed by AV-TEST

We are proud to announce that the latest Prowise Touchscreen Ten has also been awarded the ‘Approved IoT Product’ certificate issued by the renowned AV-TEST Institute. This is an important recognition that highlights the quality and reliability of the touchscreen.


For Prowise, your privacy, security and protection are key. This stems from a deep belief in the right to privacy, especially when vulnerable groups like children are involved. To ensure this continuous quality in terms of safety, we regularly have our products tested and certified by independent organisations. We have been complying with strict ISO standards for years, we have had ‘friendly hackers’ test our software and the development process of our cloud software has even been certified by the German government (BSI).


AV-TEST Institute
The AV-TEST Institute is an independent IT security research institute from Germany. For more than 15 years, the Magdeburg-based experts have guaranteed high-quality comparisons and individual quality tests for internationally relevant IT products. Two years ago, the first generation of the Prowise Touchscreen Ten already passed this extensive test. We are proud to have now also reached this milestone with Prowise Touchscreen Ten G2.


It passed with flying colours
AV-Test’s ‘Approved IoT Product’ certification confirms that the Prowise Touchscreen Ten G2 meets strict security requirements for IoT devices. The device is tested for vulnerabilities, such as the risk of hacking, and has been qualified as secure. This means that users do not have to worry about the safety of their data when using the device.


“In terms of data protection and user privacy, the Prowise solutions have been leaders in our tests from the beginning, and this year’s tests also give no reason to presume otherwise,” said the AV-TEST Institute.


“Frustrating” for the tester
The Prowise Central operating system and associated Prowise App store are so well secured, it is frustrating for the test experts: “The installed Prowise Central 4.2.1 is also consistently protected against unauthorised external access – installing applications from sources other than Prowise’s own app store is virtually out of the question, and so is using other access options. This is really frustrating for the tester, but of course excellent for the safety.”


Education software Prowise Presenter and screencasting app Prowise Reflect have also been tested. Both have achieved a safety score that is rarely seen by the testing institute.


More about the test
Are you curious about all the AV-Test Institute’s findings on the Prowise Touchscreen Ten G2? Then read the blog on the AV-Test Institute’s website.


Would you like to know more about what we do at Prowise to ensure your privacy? Have a look at our Privacy & Security page!

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