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November 30, 2023

New: Central 5.0 the foundation for a ready-to-use touchscreen

Prowise Central includes all the essential requirements to immediately get started with the interactive whiteboard in the classroom.

Prowise Central 5.0 provides the basis for a start-up-ready IWB

Prowise Central includes all the essential requirements to immediately get started with the Prowise touchscreen in the classroom. No complicated installation or configuration. From the end of August, we’ll be enhancing nearly 100,000 interactive whiteboards worldwide. In other words, we’re adding the latest technological software features to existing hardware, features that Prowise gathered from its customer panels and users. Each touchscreen comes with five years of automatic and free updates, which we send over-the-air (OTA) via our secure, private servers. The touchscreen operating system, Central, like all our products, is fully developed by our own team in Budel.


What’s new in Central 5.0?

File Manager
The updated File Manager meets all expectations and now also offers the option to save and open files from the Cloud or a network drive.

At Prowise, we highly value privacy and security. Therefore, we’ve added the ability in ProNote to save and open files securely with encryption (password).

Prowise Magic Remote*
Use the remote control as a pointer or mouse and operate the screen from any angle in the classroom. With the magnifying glass or spotlight function, you can easily enlarge or highlight a part of the screen. *The Prowise Magic Remote is only compatible with the Prowise Touchscreen Ten G2 and is sold separately.

Login System
When using Prowise Screen Control, it’s now possible to log in to the Central environment of the interactive whiteboard with a Prowise account. This makes it easy to save files in your own file manager. These are stored in the cloud and can be accessed on any Prowise Touchscreen. Extremely useful when switching classrooms.

Prowise Appstore
It’s now even easier to download or delete apps. If you’re using Prowise Screen Control, the admin now also has the option to activate the Prowise Appstore to install apps that are not pushed.


Prowise Screen Control

Prowise Central is perfectly compatible with Prowise Screen Control. With this comprehensive management software, IT staff can control all the interactive whiteboards in the school from one location.

Notifications and Alerts
If you’re using Prowise Screen Control, you now have the option to easily send a notification or alert to all devices, a group, or an individual device (as long as they are connected to Prowise Screen Control).

Push Configurations
Admin users can now push new touchscreen settings directly to screens without having to restart the screen.

Blocklist URLs
Admin users have the ability to block URLs for the Prowise Browser.


Highest Privacy and Security Standards

It goes without saying that our products comply with strict European privacy laws. But for us, privacy protection doesn’t stop there. Everything is also thoroughly and regularly tested, including by ethical hackers and independent certifiers. And it pays off: we were recently the only educational software manufacturer to receive a recertification of the prestigious IT-Grundschutz certification from the German BSI.

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