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Prowise in Ministry of Defence

UK Department of Defense works with a Prowise Chromebook

“Prowise can handle our information safety, allowing us to teach in a more innovative and creative way.”

Prowise solutions are used worldwide in the modern classroom. As well as being the ideal choice for Primary Education, Secondary Education and Higher Education classrooms, Prowise Touchscreens and educational software Prowise Presenter are frequently used in the Ministry of Defence (MOD) training environments. The Ministry of Defence consists of the Royal Navy, British Army and Royal Air Force. Together they protect the security, independence and interests of our country at home and abroad.

UK Department of Defense works with a Prowise Chromebook
In this case study three stories from MOD are discussed. Spokespersons from two British Army schools and one Royal Air Force school explain how Prowise have improved their modern training environment in collaboration with Prowise.

Captain Ian Morrison
“Prowise has revolutionised the way the Infantry are taught. Having the ability to interact with the students throughout the lesson means that they are constantly engaged, which is a world ahead of the old didactic PowerPoint presentations of yester year. Testimony to how big the impact of Prowise is: every other organisation that has seen Prowise being used at the ITC has then determined a need for Prowise in their location to revamp how they deliver training.”


Lt Ian Frith
As a government body and military service, security and privacy are central tenets in all that we deliver. ISO 9001 and 27001 ISMS certification are the recognised international standards that ensure quality of the product and organisation and appropriate information management, providing us with the necessary assurance that Prowise products meet our requirements. We constantly strive to innovate and embrace new technologies to enhance our deliverables. Prowise Touchscreen technologies offer a number of advantages in our working environments. While there is much work to be done Prowise products have proven beneficial in areas of our business at a competitive price. While we strive to exploit the use of these products further Prowise have been a willing partner with whom we have been happy to engage with and who are seen to be proactive in addressing our concerns regarding privacy and security.”