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Teaching digitally

All pupils paying attention.

Inspiring pupils with Prowise

A boring lesson? No way! Prowise products give you all the tools you need to inspire pupils in a digital world. You bring all your knowledge, we make sure you have all the tools you need to keep your pupils engaged.

A Prowise ecosystem: what does it look like?

You put together your Prowise ecosystem so that it answers your needs. Our solutions are designed to function perfectly on their own, only reinforcing each other. What does your Prowise school look like?

The touchscreen: your brand new blackboard

Our touchscreens are easy to use and encourage interactivity. The diverse possibilities keep pupils motivated and, more importantly, interested.

  • Wide viewing angle
  • Excellent picture and sound
  • Natural writing experience
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The software: bringing your touchscreens to life

Our software makes learning that much more interesting. From intuitive whiteboard software to an adaptive practice environment where you easily support your pupils at their level, Prowise has it all.

  • Preparing and managing teaching materials
  • Offering adapted exercise materials
  • Learning through play and movement
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Leerlingen werken tegelijk op de Prowise All-in-One PC met extra groot scherm

Fun learning

The Prowise ecosystem offers endless opportunities to make learning more fun. For instance, our interactive displays and software encourage interactivity in the classroom, but we also offer various tools to make learning more efficient.


With tools that get your pupils moving or games that provide tailor-made exercises, learning never stops being fun. With enough challenge to be interesting, and enough fun to stay motivated. Plus, the flexibility of digital teaching allows you to bring your craziest ideas to life.

Teacher guides student playing game on Prowise touchscreen

Enjoyable working

Our software is designed to make teachers’ lives easier. You hardly need an introduction because our products are so user-friendly: a new world that you already hold the key to.


Moreover, our mission is to support teachers worldwide. That is why we have thought of everything. An intuitive touchscreen that writes as easily as a sheet of paper, for instance. And a programme where you can quickly create lessons, reuse a lesson, or choose a ready-made one.

Leerling in voortgezet onderwijs werkt in Presenter aan Prowise touchscreen

Tailored to the class

We have close ties with education, and this is reflected in our products. They are user-friendly and energy-efficient, designed to be safe and fun. We take into account the learning goals you as a teacher need to achieve with your class and realise that everyone learns at a different pace.

Teacher working with MyProwise

Integrated in your system

What works for you? Prowise provides solutions that fit within your way of teaching. Easy to integrate with Google and Microsoft, and very intuitive. Could it be even easier? Then there is MyProwise, where you will find ready-made lessons, instructional videos and much more to inspire you and empower your work.

Twee collega's in overleg met Prowise touchscreen op de achtergrond

Will you be stepping into the digital classroom soon?

Get in touch with our experts. Together, we will see what the best solutions are for your school.

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