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Technological innovation

Prowise brings the latest developments to your school.
Explaining the difference between a screen with optical bonding and a screen without optical bonding

The best technology for your interactive display

Our touchscreens are all developed in-house. That, and our attention to innovation, ensures that we can always offer you the best technologies.

Explanation of screen with infrared technology Explanation of screen with infrared technology Explanation of screen with infrared technology

An IR-touchscreen

Screens with infrared technology have been popular for a long time. And with good reason: after all, these touchscreens still deliver robust performance.

How it works

An IR-touchscreen (such as Prowise Touchscreen One and Ten) uses infrared transmitters and receivers located in front of the glass plate. Do you touch the touchscreen? Then you interrupt the infrared light emitted by the transmitters. The receivers perceive this interruption, after which the display sends a signal to the processor to take the appropriate action.

Writing the way you prefer

Because your writing object is recognised by blocking light, you can write with a variety of objects (your finger, a pen, a stylus …). Moreover, an infrared screen detects lightning-fast where and when you touch the screen. This allows you to write smoothly and accurately.

Explanation of screen with PCAP technology Explanation of screen with PCAP technology Explanation of screen with PCAP technology

A PCAP touchscreen

Today’s most innovative touchscreens use so-called PCAP (‘Projected Capacitive’) technology. These screens are fast and flexible, offering the most natural writing experience.

How it works

In a PCAP touchscreen, such as Prowise Touchscreen Ultra, 2 grids behind the glass generate a negative electric field. Where you touch the screen, the electric field on the surface of the top grid changes. This change in the electric field is detected as a touch. The result is a seamless edge-to-edge user experience, with an excellent viewing and writing experience.

Intuitive writing experience

You probably already have a full grasp of PCAP technology. This is because it is similar to the technology used for your smartphone or tablet. So writing and working on a PCAP touchscreen feels as easy and intuitive as using your mobile phone.

Explanation of screen without optical bonding Explanation of screen without optical bonding Explanation of screen with optical bonding Explanation of screen with optical bonding

Optical bonding

Optical bonding means that the glass panel is connected to the touch sensor and the IPS-LCD panel. Zero bonding (applied to Prowise Touchscreen One and Ten) means that there is a thin layer of air between the two, whereas the optical bonded touchscreen (such as Prowise Touchscreen Ultra) consists of one solid layer. That leads to several advantages:

The best writing experience

There is no space between the glass plate and the touch layer. Therefore, it feels like you are writing directly on the LCD panel. So you’re enjoying the most natural writing experience.

Protected even better

Furthermore, there is no room for dirt or moisture in a touchscreen with optical bonding. So your interactive display will stay in perfect condition for even longer. On top of that, your touchscreen is more robust, thanks to the extra strength provided by optical bonding.

Excellent picture quality

Thanks to optical bonding and the absence of a layer of air, there’s only little to no light reflection. This does not only improve picture quality, but also offers you less glare from incoming sunlight. So you still experience a razor-sharp image from the sides of the screen.

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