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Prowise Touchscreen One 98″

The large-size interactive display with room-filling image and sound.
Interface of Prowise Touchscreen One 98"

An interactive display for your auditorium or lecture hall

Discover the Prowise Touchscreen One “98 with crystal-clear sound, a pleasant writing experience and optimal visibility of your teaching materials!

Two working students on the Prowise Touchscreen One 98

Get the most out of your touchscreen

With the Prowise Touchscreen One “98, you are guaranteed quality and comfort!! The interactive display was developed by education experts who know exactly what you care about. As a result: a large-sized touchscreen, packed with useful gadgets and easy to use.

  • Optimal image and sound quality
  • Experience the ultimate writing experience 
  • Suitable for large rooms due to large format

Perfection down to the last detail

Did you know that the failure rate of Prowise touchscreens is extremely low? This is because we develop and test all parts of our products ourselves. As a result, you are using an interactive display with a long lifespan and a guarantee of no less than 5 years.

Crystal-clear image and sound

Does your teaching often include film and music? The 4K UHD screen, 2.1 soundbar with subwoofer will do your teaching material justice!

One cable for everything

Thanks to USB-C, you only need one cable for internet, power, sound, data and video. Issues with bad connections are a thing of the past – this is how you get the most out of your lesson!

Always up-to-date

Use all your favourite apps, completely safe and maintenance-free: we automatically implement all updates for you for 5 years.

Share your screen: wireless and fast

Do you want to share your screen without a cable? Via screencasting, you display up to four screens simultaneously on your interactive display. Do you use the Prowise Reflect app? Then you can even pair up to 10 devices at once!

Everything has been considered

You teach, we take care of the rest. Our service team is ready to help and crucial software and updates are included.

Service and repair

Your Prowise touchscreen is made with high-quality components. But in case you need a repair or if any problem arises, we’re here to help. Our service team will provide a fast and efficient solution.

Completely safe, including your data

Make confident use of the included Prowise software. Pre-installed and developed in-house on our own Dutch servers according to global BSI guidelines. A 100% safe ecosystem for digital teaching.

Discover Privacy by Prowise
Interface van het Prowise Central besturingssysteem op Prowise touchscreen

Central: part of your touchscreen

Prowise Central (based on Android 11), the operating system of your Prowise interactive display, makes your lessons even stronger. Without connecting a PC module or device, you can write, search, download apps and create lessons in a safe and user-friendly way. Moreover, all your favourite Prowise products work seamlessly together thanks to Prowise Central support. Discover now how useful your interactive display really is!

Save time, manage by yourself

Do you manage your school’s IT? With Prowise Screen Control, you easily manage all Prowise touchscreens! Send notifications, monitor energy consumption and easily adjust settings per screen- or all screens at once.

Discover Screen Control


Interface van Prowise Touchscreen One 98"

Prowise Touchscreen One

A large-format interactive display with high-quality image and sound. Suitable for larger spaces at school.
Operating system
Central (Android 11)
Zero bonding
Touch technology
6 GB
32 GB
Leerlingen spelen een Touch Table Tool op een touchscreen One 98 inch

Complete your interactive display

Find a lift system that suits you and your class, work without a laptop in your familiar Windows environment via a PC module and make your lessons even more interactive with the Prowise Move camera.