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For Prowise, your privacy, security and safety are key. This stems from a deep belief in the right to privacy, especially when vulnerable groups like children are involved. This belief is clearly reflected in our privacy statement.

Developed by Prowise

Privacy is not a buzzword for Prowise. We take responsibility ourselves and stick to our word: your data, always secure.


Prowise is a Dutch company that complies with strict European regulations on product development, privacy and security. Your data is stored on European servers and is under no circumstances shared with (foreign) third parties. In addition, our software updates are also performed via our own servers. 100% secure.


We develop our products entirely in-house and do not rely on third parties. This allows us to fully protect your privacy. 

Privacy in our DNA

Privacy is our top priority. During the development of our software, for example, we make every effort to ensure that there are no bugs left in the code that could expose sensitive information. Moreover, we engage friendly hackers (white hat hackers) who keep us on our toes.

Prowise collega aan het werk op kantoor BSI certificaat wordt overhandogd door de Duitse overheid aan Prowise Privacy Officer AV-Test certificaat wordt overhandigd aan Prowise collega Prowise hoofdkantoor Budel bezoekadres Prowise collega's in vergadering over Privacy & Security

Privacy in all layers

The software you deploy

The development process of our software has been approved by the BSI (German Federal Office for Information Security). Prowise is also the only educational software manufacturer to have received the IT-Grundschutz certification from the BSI.

The hardware you use

The German AV-Test Institute confirmed the security of our interactive displays with a ‘Tested IoT product’ recertification. We also provide a Prowise app store on our touchscreens, in which only secure apps are available.


Prowise has been one of the first to be ISO 27001-certified for years. Moreover, we are Privacy Verified, a certification from the independent ICTRecht. Finally, we only work with reliable partners.

Our people

The CIPP/E certification ensures that our colleagues have extensive knowledge of the GDPR and data protection in Europe. In addition, Prowise has a Privacy Officer & Security Officer.

Privacy & cyber security in practice

Software updates

  • Directly from Prowise
  • Secure European Prowise servers
  • Extensively tested

Saving lessons and data

  • Data is not a revenue model
  • Secure European Prowise servers
  • You decide what to share/save

Downloading apps

  • All apps suitable for the classroom
  • Secure European servers
  • No 18+, ads or malware

How we ensure your privacy and security

The products of Prowise have undergone rigorous tests to ensure the privacy and security of users. Find out more about our certifications below.


Prowise Software was awarded the 'IT-Grundschutz' certification by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI), a global authority in the field of cybersecurity. Thus, the developments of Prowise Presenter, Screen Control, and all our cloud services meet the highest standards for data protection.
Logo BSI certificaat

AV-Test Institute

Following a state-of-the-art test procedure, the independent German AV Test Institute confirms the security of the Prowise Touchscreen Ten and software with a 'Approved IoT Product' certification.
Logo AV-Test certificaat

ISO 27001

By obtaining this certificate Prowise demonstrates that its information security is in order. This means, for example, that we handle student data and customer data with care.
Logo ISO 27001

ISO 9001

With the ISO 9001 certification Prowise shows that we comply with international requirements in the field of quality management. With this we prove that all processes (from quotation to delivery and from product development to customer management) are regulated down to the last detail and comply with rules and legislation.
Logo ISO 27001

Privacy Verified

Privacy Verified is an initiative of ICTRecht, a leading consultancy on ICT, internet and privacy laws and regulations. Each company is thoroughly assessed, including an annual review of its privacy statement, internal procedures such as reviewing agreements and auditing ICT systems.
Privacy Verified


The CIPP/E certification demonstrates that certain people in our company have extensive knowledge of the GDPR and of data protection in Europe.
Logo Cipp E certificaat

Geprüfte Sicherheit

Prowise PC modules are one of the very few in the world to have a ‘Geprüfte Sicherheit’ certification. This is a high-standard German certification for technical equipment. It shows that our PC modules meet the strict German standards for safe use of equipment.
Logo GS certificaat

Student Privacy Pledge

The Student Privacy Pledge is a legally binding statement by edtech companies in which they promise to protect the privacy of students.
Logo Student Privacy Pledge

Geprüfte Sicherheit (TUV Rheinland)

The renowned Geprüfte Sicherheit certification demonstrates that the Prowise Touchscreen Ultra poses no risk to the safety and health of users. This strict German safety seal was awarded by TÜV Rheinland, known for its rigorous testing procedures and recognised as a respected certification organisation throughout the European Union.

Eye Comfort

After undergoing a thorough testing process in 15 categories, the Prowise Touchscreen Ultra was awarded a prestigious Eye Comfort certificate. This innovative quality label indicates that the visual comfort of users and the health of the eyes were clearly a priority in the development of the touchscreen.
Logo TUV Eye Comfort

Low Blue Light & Flicker Free

The certified inspection organisation TUV SÜD has demonstrated that the Prowise Touchscreen Ten emits minimal blue light and causes little screen flickering. As a result, your eyes are less likely to fatigue quickly, allowing you to use the screen effortlessly for hours.
Logo TUV SUD Low Blue Light

Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure

During the development of our software, we try our best to ensure no bugs are left in the code that could expose information in a way that is unintended or unsafe. If you happen to come across a bug in our software, we ask you to please share it with us.


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IT worker manages touchscreens remotely with Screen Control
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UK Department of Defense works with a Prowise Chromebook

What does education say about Prowise?

“Prowise can handle our information safety, allowing us to teach in a more innovative and creative way.”
UK Department of Defense works with a Prowise Chromebook
Ministry of Defence (MOD)