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Privacy and cookie statements

Leerkracht maakt Presenter memory tool met koekjes aan Prowise touchscreen

We take your right to privacy very seriously. That is why we have several privacy statements. On this page, we have compiled them for you.

Kind in de klas met privacy briefje aan Prowise Edubook laptop

Prowise privacy statement

At Prowise, your privacy is paramount. We believe in the right to privacy and this is reflected in our basic privacy values. In this privacy statement, we explain what personal data we collect, why we do so, how long we keep your data, what your privacy rights are and how you can exercise them.

Leerling werkt op device aan een Prowise Presenter memory tool met koekjes

Prowise cookie statement

This cookie statement is part of Prowise’s privacy statement. For general contact details and information about your rights, please refer to the contents of this privacy statement. To change your cookie settings, click here.

Kinderen spelen Prowise Presenter tool Tafeltjes op touchscreen

Privacy statement Prowise Cloud Platform

This privacy statement applies to the following services: Account Portal, Reflect, Presenter and ProConnect.

Prowise collega wijst de juf hoe Central werkt op Prowise touchscreen

Prowise Central privacy statement

Our touchscreens have the operating system Prowise Central (“Central”) installed on them. You can use our touchscreens without having a Prowise Account. In this privacy statement, we explain to you when and how personal data may be processed when using Central.

ICT-er beheert Prowise touchscreens vanaf zijn laptop met Screen Control

Prowise Screen Control privacy statement

This privacy statement applies to Prowise Screen Control. Prowise Screen Control allows you to manage all your Prowise Touchscreens remotely.

Data Processing Agreement

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If your institution does not yet have a data processing agreement with us, please fill in this form. We will process the completed info, create an agreement for you and send it back to you.

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