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March 29, 2024

Prowise Touchscreens: security certified once again!

The Prowise Touchscreen Ultra and Touchscreen Ten G3 have been thoroughly tested by AV-Institute and have regained the “Approved IoT Product” certificate.

We are delighted to announce that our flagship products, the Prowise Touchscreen Ultra and Prowise Touchscreen Ten G3, have once again been awarded the prestigious “Approved IoT Product” certificate by the renowned AV-Test Institute. This certification reaffirms our commitment to delivering best-in-class touchscreens that excel not only in performance, but also in security.


The AV-Test Institute has rigorously tested and certified Prowise touchscreens for four consecutive years, and this year was no exception. The Prowise Touchscreen Ultra and Prowise Touchscreen Ten G3 have been thoroughly tested, demonstrating our continued commitment to privacy and security within the education technology landscape.


Exceptional usability
As the AV-Test Institute highlights in its latest blog, the Prowise Touchscreen Ultra made its testing debut, while the Touchscreen Ten, now in its third generation, once again proved its excellence in the certification process. The AV-Test Institute praises the touchscreens for their features and exceptional usability, highlighting their ease of use—an aspect that stands out year after year.


Security without vulnerability
From a security point of view, AV-Test Institute recognises the advanced features of the new Prowise touchscreen range, equipped with Prowise Central 6.0, our operating system. Fully developed in-house and based on Android 13, Prowise Central provides the teacher with everything needed for a worry-free teaching day. Also, users now have the flexibility to switch to a standard Android environment including Play Store and classic Google services, made possible by Google EDLA certification.

The AV Test-Institute thoroughly examined all test points in various categories, and despite the evolving nature of their tests, they found little to criticise in both the screens. Their blog highlights the security scans and attacks performed during the tests, confirming that all communications to and from the devices and apps, as well as to the cloud, were consistently well secured.


Privacy and efficiency
Data protection has always been a cornerstone of Prowise, and the AV-Test Institute blog attests to the efficiency of our screens in this regard. The Prowise Touchscreen Ultra and Prowise Touchscreen Ten G3 are praised for being data efficient, with no evidence of unnecessary or excessive data collection. Other applications, including Prowise Presenter, Reflect, and ProConnect, show an adequate level of security, with only minor theoretical flaws that can be easily reviewed.

The Prowise touchscreens also stand out for their minimalist approach, free of trackers, advertising, or retargeting modules.


Read more about the test
Are you curious about all the AV-Test Institute’s findings on the Prowise Touchscreen Ultra and Ten G3? Then read the blog on the AV-Test Institute’s website.

Would you like to know more about what we do at Prowise to protect your privacy? Take a look at our Privacy & Security page!

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