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Privacy and cookie statement

Privacy Statement Prowise

At Prowise, your privacy is our top priority. This is rooted in a profound belief in the right to privacy, which is expressed in our privacy core values.

Cookie Statement Prowise

This cookie statement is part of the Prowise Privacy Statement. For general contact details and information regarding your rights, we refer you to the contents of this Privacy Statement. 

Privacy Statement Prowise Cloud Platform

This privacy statement applies to the following services: Account Portal, Reflect, Presenter, ProConnect, GO and the GO Plugin.

Privacy Statement Prowise Central

The Prowise Central (“Central”) operating system is installed on our touchscreens. You can use our touchscreens without using a Prowise Account. In this privacy statement, we explain to you when and how personal data may be processed in connection with the use of Central

Privacy Statement Prowise Screen Control

This privacy statement applies when Prowise Screen Control is used. With Prowise Screen Control you can manage all your Prowise Touchscreens remotely

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Processing agreement

If your institution does not yet have a processing agreement with us, please fill in this form.

Our colleagues will then process the completed information into an agreement and send it back to you. 

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