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School closed? Pupils at home? Put your students to work at home

30 October 2020
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School closed? Pupils required to stay at home? With these practical tips and tricks you can get your students working at home. In this way, you facilitate distance learning and education can still continue. 

Presenter: self-correcting exercises.
In Prowise Presenter your students can make self-correcting exercises. All you have to do is set up the exercise once and then share the Presenter file with your class. These ready-to-use self-correcting exercises can be used immediately:

  • Natural forces pt 1

Presenter: ProQuiz
In Prowise Presenter you can prepare an educational quiz for your students. They can then create these quizzes independently at home on their own device. You can choose between open and closed questions. These ready-made educational quizzes can be used immediately:

  • Natural forces
  • Exercise & endorphins

Presenter: collaborate in real time
In Prowise Presenter you have the possibility to work with multiple teachers or students in the same file. Read here how to start a collaboration or download the manual as pdf. The real-time collaboration offers the following advantages for distance learning.

  • Two students can make exercises together
  • Teachers can prepare lessons together 
  • Pupils can watch live while the teacher explains an exercise

Real-time collaboration is possible from any location. It doesn’t matter where you are, at school or at home. 

Presenter: ProConnect
ProConnect is a feature in Prowise Presenter to stimulate interactivity between Presenter users. This allows you to maintain interactivity even remotely. Learn here how to start a ProConnect session. 

In these ready-made lessons ProConnect plays a key role. You can use them directly or adapt them to the needs of your class.

  • Maths averages
  • Proportions
  • Evaluating websites

Another possibility is to let students vote or work together in a tool. Especially when you are teaching remotely with a webcam, you can keep interacting using this feature of ProConnect. The ProConnect group code can also be shared remotely with students. This way, they can still compete against each other in math games or create a mind map together.

Read here how to create a free Presenter account for your students.  

Demo at your school
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