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Prowise stimulates creativity in education with new update for touchscreens

2 August 2021
Prowise Touchscreen Ten

Brainport Eindhoven - Market leader Prowise offers its interactive whiteboard users the space to unleash their creativity after installing the update of the integrated writing and annotation package ProNote. Now, the interactive whiteboards enable multiple teachers and pupils to write, erase and use educational whiteboard tools simultaneously.

Prowise gives teachers and pupils the freedom while working with the interactive whiteboard. Users can write, erase or use educational whiteboard tools such as the mathematical compass, ruler or protractor without restrictions and all at the same time. The writing and annotation package ProNote thereby benefits from development under Prowise management, multi-touch and the state-of-the-art technology in the Prowise touchscreens. 

ProNote is the writing and annotation package that is freely available for users of the Prowise interactive whiteboards. The software is pre-installed in Prowise Central, the operating system for all its interactive whiteboards, developed under Prowise management. Very regularly, Prowise provides over-the-air software updates with new functionalities for its interactive whiteboards via European servers. In the most recent, free update, further improvements of the pen-on-paper writing experience and additional (multi-user) functionalities are central. 

Interactive meeting point
In its twelve-year experience in education, multi-touch has always played a central role at Prowise. It is one of the key points in the educational vision of the Dutch company. A touchscreen is not a static television that is fixed to the wall. No, a touchscreen is an interactive meeting point for teachers and pupils  for learning, learning through play and learning from each other. 

The power of multi-touch
From this vision, Prowise has developed its own hardware, software and firmware for the past twelve years. Every day, 100 Prowise colleagues (developers, education experts, programmers) help improve the products. Prowise is a leader when it comes to multi-touch. Globally, Prowise was first to bring a lift to the market that could be fully tilted, in order to optimise the power of multi-touch. A great example of how a smart idea results in added value from which the education sector benefits today. Thanks to multi-touch, the Prowise hardware and software join forces and together are stronger than the sum of its parts.

Prowise Central


Prowise Central 4.0 Prowise Central 4.0
How to update

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How to update
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