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Simple management

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IT-medewerker op school beheert alle Prowise touchscreens vanaf één centrale locatie

Facing the future with Prowise’s support

With Prowise products, you keep the reins of the digital world firmly in your hands. We offer you as IT manager the support you need to keep an overview from the comfort of your office.

IT-medewerker beheert alle touchscreens vanaf één locatie met Prowise Screen Control

Simple management

Managing and protecting an entire school is quite a challenge. That’s why Prowise Screen Control allows you to manage screens, turn them on or off, perform updates and adjust energy consumption. Without walking from room to room.

Overleg met Prowise touchscreen op de achtergrond

Guaranteed quality

At Prowise, we prefer to do things ourselves. And we do so with an experienced team of experts who never lose sight of education for a second. So we guarantee that our solutions provide a lasting answer to the needs of IT professionals like you.


We constantly incorporate the latest insights into our software. And because of the outstanding specs of our touchscreens, we can guarantee for 5 years that your screen can handle the demands of the future. We update the software automatically via OTA (over the air).

Demo van Prowise producten

Getting started quickly

Our solutions are easy to integrate with your infrastructure. So you can get started right away and don’t have to wait for your products to be ready for use.

Kinderen spelen Prowise Presenter tool Tafeltjes op touchscreen

Secure ecosysteem

Privacy and security are our top priorities. We therefore impose strict requirements on our hardware and software. Be it data protection or safety in the classroom. Our many quality labels make us unique in the market. Wondering what this means for you?

Prowise. Empowering Education.

Prowise provides the necessary demonstrations and inspiration sessions to guide everyone through digital education. For beginners, but also for advanced users.   Moreover, you can also contact our experts for advice and the maintenance of your products. 

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Meerdere leerlingen werken tegelijk op Prowise touchscreen Prowise touchscreen opstarten met één druk op de knop ICT-er beheert Prowise touchscreens vanaf zijn laptop met Screen Control Juf geeft uitleg op een Prowise touchscreen over een 3D model

What does a Prowise school look like?

Our solutions complement each other and are technical tours de force in digital education that unburden you and your school. You put together your Prowise ecosystem so that it answers your needs.

User-friendly touchscreens

Our interactive displays are equipped with the latest technical gadgets to make the user experience as pleasant as possible. 

Rock-solid management software

Your interactive display comes to life in the classroom thanks to Prowise software. Manage all your touchscreens from one central management system: Prowise Screen Control.  Here, you group your touchscreens by class, grade, location or foundation. And you can easily make changes to one or more touchscreens simultaneously.

Teaching resources

From Prowise, we offer various learning tools that make the school day more fun for both teachers and pupils. All our learning tools are extensively tested and meet strict security requirements.

Will you soon be guiding your school into the digital world?

Get in touch with our experts. Together, we will see what suits your school best.

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We regularly receive important, independent certificates that confirm our knack for creating high-quality solutions.

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