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a smart and quick assistant!

Preparing your lesson? That's a piece of cake with our AI TeachAssist.

Tessa uses generative AI to generate your presentations in no time, so you can focus on what really matters; teaching interactive lessons with enthusiasm!

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How it works

Activate Tessa with one click from the home screen in Prowise Presenter. In the chat you share the topic, learning objectives, target audience and scope of the lesson you want to create.Indicate the type of components you would like to see in your lesson; such as text, images, a ProQuiz and various interactive tools. Finally, choose between the various styling templates and Tessa will get to work for you!Furthermore, Tessa helps you choose a template and asks if you want to add specific content elements, such as images, a quiz, mind maps or word clouds. After that, Tessa will come up with a full lesson.

Tessa TeachAssist Tessa TeachAssist

Prowise Presenter completes it

You can immediately open the lesson Tessa has created for you in Prowise Presenter. So after a quick check, you can start your lesson right away. Would you like to adjust some things? You can still easily edit your lesson using the usual editing options in Prowise Presenter. Be sure to check out the media library to add nice 3D models, illustrations or videos. Would you like to check out the lesson again? You can! You will find your lesson in the 'My files' folder. 

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Tessa TeachAssist Tessa TeachAssist

Let's get started with Tessa!

Tessa has been integrated within Prowise Presenter as a beta product. At this stage, students cannot see Tessa yet within the Presenter environment. Teachers covered by a school package can work with Tessa. The package manager only needs to manually activate Tessa in the Prowise administration module.

In this bèta period, you can try Tessa for free with the limit of 10 lessons per day and 50 lessons per month.

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Quote Tessa TeachAssist Quote Tessa TeachAssist

Passion for teaching! 

"At the heart of Tessa's development was our passion for good teaching. Tessa gives teachers back precious time that can be invested in inspiring and supporting students!"

– Sabine Bruininx, Product Manager Prowise Presenter

Work comfortably and efficiently

Tessa is fully developed by our team in Budel, like all of our products. And that benefits you!

Tessa TeachAssist Tessa TeachAssist
The trusted expertise of Prowise
As always, we stay up to date within the education field. By doing thorough research and talking to teachers, we knew exactly what was expected of a TeachAssist. Moreover, it is important to note that we offer Tessa as a beta product. We will continue to develop Tessa to give our users the most optimal experience.
Tessa TeachAssist Tessa TeachAssist
More time for your students
Perhaps the biggest challenge for teachers is the lack of time. Thanks to Tessa, you no longer have to spend hours making your lesson preparations. That saves you a lot of time that you can use to surprise your students with the interesting lessons that Tessa compiles for you.
Tessa TeachAssist Tessa TeachAssist
No IT skills required
Tessa was specially developed to make it as easy as possible for the teacher. Therefore, you do not need to have IT skills to work with Tessa. All you have to do is talk to her and tell her what you need. Tessa will take care of the rest!
Sabine Bruininx Sabine Bruininx
Sabine Bruininx Product Owner Presenter
Questions or feedback about Tessa?

Currently, Tessa is only available in a beta version. With your comments and experiences, we can make our tool even better.

So don't hesitate to share your ideas with us!

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