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Prowise Learn

With Learn, pupils practise their arithmetic while playing.

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Learning with attention, where every pupil counts

From this conviction, Prowise Learn – under the name Oefenweb – was born. Based on scientific research on how children learn, we developed Prowise Learn at the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands. This way, we offer fair opportunities for every child with our adaptive practice programme.

Student works with Prowise Learn on a device

Adaptive practice, at own level

Each pupil learns in their own way and on their own level. Using AI technology, exercises are tailored to the learner’s level. The continuity with which this happens makes Prowise Learn exceptional. Thus, the pupil gets exactly the challenge they need. The large number of successes keeps them motivated.


  • Continuous skills measurement
  • Immediately adapted exercises
  • Pupils always experience success

Getting started with arithmetic

Complementing your current teaching methods, you let pupils practice with exactly the exercise programmes they need. 

Far-reaching adaptivity

Thanks to AI technology, every child gets the right challenges. 

Fun for every child

With stimulating games and regular successes, it stays fun.

Insight into learning development

Maintain oversight in the teacher dashboard without consciously testing. 

Also as homework

Practice at home on a tablet, laptop or computer.

Math assignments to be made in Prowise Learn

Independent math practice with Learn

Get pupils started with basic operations and more.


  • Suitable for primary and secondary school
  • Games with telling time, tables, fractions, story sums, money and more
  • Endless exercises with nearly 70,000 maths sums in 28 games
Individueel taal, rekenen en Engels oefenen met Prowise Learn

Get started right away with Prowise Learn

Want pupils at your school to practice with Prowise Learn right away? Then take out a subscription today for €4 per pupil, per year.


Do you prefer practising with your family at home on the sofa? Then discover Prowise Learn for families and get your subscription for €50 (5 licences) a year.

Student independently practices math with Prowise Learn Math Garden

Continuously evolving with AI

Why Prowise Learn’s – Comenius-EduMedia-Award winning – adaptive measurement system is relevant for today’s learner? The intelligent measurement system is continuously developed with insights gained from anonymous data.


Prowise Learn also adapts tasks based on pupil ability. We do this with an innovative, unique system developed with AI technology. Advanced algorithms assess pupils after each task they play and adjust the range accordingly. Tasks are also assessed after each answer and pupils are given an adjusted difficulty level. This keeps them practising with challenging but manageable exercises.

Overview of the results of all students practicing with Prowise Learn

Track your pupil’s growth

Gain insight into the learning development of your class or individual pupils without testing. In the teacher dashboard, you can easily monitor your pupils’ progress and whether they are meeting your learning objectives. Or let pupils view their own Growth Chart showing their scores and development points.

Teacher Daisy Ringma of elementary school The Dream Mirror
Teacher Suzanne Winter of De Windhoek Elementary School
Employee of CBS The Rank

What do customers say about Prowise Learn

“The children are highly motivated to play in class due to the element of gaming involved.”
Daisy Ringma
Teacher – De Droomspiegel
“All children work and practice at their own level, which allows them all to have a successful experience.”
Employee of CBS The Rank
CBS De Rank
“Thanks to Learn, students with lower abilities can also complete many exercises and get good results.”
Suzanne Winter
Teacher – De Windhoek

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Discover the world of Learn; alone, with your colleagues or family. During the trial month, you get full access to the game environment and the teacher dashboard. Would you rather just try out the games in Learn? Then request a free demo.