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Windows 11 on your Prowise solution

1 October 2021
Prowise Touchscreen Ten

Do you have a Prowise PC module or EduBook? Then you can switch from Windows 10 to Windows 11 from October 5th. The operating system has a new design and has extra features in store for you.

Why Windows 11?
Windows 11 is the latest version of the Microsoft operating system. The changes to the design are immediately eye-catching. Microsoft has ensured that the design is better suited to touch devices, such as our Prowise Touchscreens. These include a new touch keyboard, voice input and more space between icons for easy operation. The new Start menu also has a modern look and the taskbar icons are now centrally located at the bottom of your screen. Due to the need for distance learning and video calling, Microsoft has ensured that Teams is preinstalled. 

Widgets and Microsoft Store
The operating system allows you to group several windows together as a snap group to keep track of your open tabs. In addition, the Widgets return in this Windows version: It allows you to create convenient shortcuts to frequently used functions directly on your desktop. Finally, in Windows 11, Microsoft has made the Microsoft Store "public", making it easier for third-party app builders to make software available as applications. In the future, think for example of Android apps. 

Updating to Windows 11 is completely free of charge with a valid Windows licence. The following Prowise products allow you to update Windows 10 to Windows 11. 

  • Prowise PC modules from 8th generation onwards
  • Prowise EduBook G1 and G2

This is how you can update
In the future Windows 11 will be the default on our PC modules, EduBooks and All-in-One PCs. Until then, you must install the update manually. You can do this by searching the Microsoft website for: download Windows 11.


Prowise Windows 11 Prowise Windows 11
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