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Presenter eraser feature: partially erasing lines

23 November 2022
Prowise Learn, Prowise Presenter

Did you know that? Erase parts of a drawn line

We certainly never erased our user's questions about the eraser function in Prowise Presenter from our memory. As of this update, you can partially erase a drawn line in our educational software for interactive whiteboards. 

Sometimes you want to erase a full line, other times you just want to erase a part. This is now possible in our free Prowise Presenter educational software. We have extended the eraser feature to make it even more responsive to teacher needs. You can erase parts of a drawn line in three different sizes. From now on, we fullfill all your eraser needs. 

Did you know that?
The eraser feature in Prowise Presenter now consists of three different options: 

  • Erase parts of a line
  • Erase the full line
  • Delete all content on the canvas

Welcome screen
When you log on to Prowise Presenter, you may notice a change to the welcome screen. Your recovered files have disappeared from this view because they caused problems on some devices. We are working hard to find a better solution.

How do I install the update?

Browser version The browser version is updated automatically.
Prowise Central app

Update the app in the Prowise App Store.

Android app Update the app in the Play Store.
iOS app Update the app in the App Store.
Windows app The Windows app is updated automatically.


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