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Find a safer touchscreen, we dare you!

5 September 2022
Privacy and security, Prowise Touchscreen Ten

We think the Prowise Touchscreen Ten G2 is the safest large format touchscreen on the market in terms of privacy and cyber security. Just like a school test, we like to prove this with independent test results. Find a safer touchscreen, we dare you! 

The company that makes your touchscreen

Since you buy the touchscreen directly from the manufacturer, we would like to show you how we handle your personal data and all the processes involved. As an educational company Prowise has been ISO 27001 certified for many years (the worldwide standard for information security within an organisation) and Privacy Verified. 

The people who work there
The CIPP/E certification demonstrates that colleagues in our company have extensive knowledge of the GDPR and of data protection in Europe. This recognition is a leading certification for European data protection experts. In addition, Prowise has a Privacy Officer and a Security Officer. 

The hardware in your classroom
In terms of secure hardware, a Prowise Touchscreen Ten is the crème de la crème. The independent German AV-Test Institute reconfirmed the safety of the interactive whiteboard (including software) with a "Tested IoT Product" recertification.

The software that you use
The software that teachers, pupils and ICT professionals use every day to optimise the use of the screen has been reviewed by the BSI (German Federal Office for Data Security). The global cyber security authority checks for the highest data protection requirements and has awarded the development of Prowise Presenter and Prowise Screen Control, for example, with IT-Grundschutz certification.

Privacy and cyber security are also key to the development of smart hardware functionalities and software features. This starts with logging in to the software via multi-factor authentication. The screen, too, has many options that you can customise to your liking. For example, switching the internal microphones on and off, using USB sticks and saving, sharing and exporting files. In addition, the settings menu, the touchscreen itself and the screencast connections can be secured with a pin code. Users even have the option of automatically deleting all saved user data when the screen is started. 

Privacy by Prowise


Prowise Touchscreen

The Prowise Touchscreen Ten G2 links technical specifications to software certified by the global authority for cyber security. The new interactive whiteboard is equipped with Android 11, four pens with pick-up recognition, an anti-bacterial glass plate and hundreds of educational tools and apps.

Discover the touchscreen
Prowise Touchscreen Ten Privacy Cybersecurity BSI Prowise Touchscreen Ten Privacy Cybersecurity BSI
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