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Europe for cyber security: France now recognises BSI certificate

22 August 2022
Privacy and security

Europe unites in the fight against cyber crime. In this battle, the French national bureau for the security of information systems (ANSSI) and the German federal bureau of data security (BSI) have joined forces. From now on, both government bodies recognise each others security certificates. Germany now validates the ANSSI certificates and France, in turn, now accepts BSI certificates. Together, both countries show that this agreement is an important step towards creating a globally accepted standard for certification agreements. 

BSI IT-Grundschutz
Up until now, Prowise has been the only producer of education software to be BSI IT-Grundschutz certified. Specifically, Prowise received this certificate for the development of Prowise Presenter, Prowise Screen Control and Prowise Cloud Services, the umbrella name of the cloud infrastructure. For schools, the approval of the strict German authorities is an extra confirmation that Prowise handles their data with care. The audit took about a year and focuses on thousands of varying elements in the areas of privacy regulations, information security, data storage, risk management systems and corresponding applications or platforms.

Right to privacy
Prowise strongly believes in the right to privacy, especially when it comes to vulnerable groups such as children. Therefore, all hardware and software are developed in-house and privacy is the first aspect that is taken into account. With the IT-Grundschutz-certificate Prowise proves what the company has been claiming for years: no other educational software is as secure as Prowise software. For example, Prowise has been ISO 27001 and Privacy Verified certified for many years. In addition, the independent German AV-Test Institute confirmed the security of the top model Prowise Touchscreen Ten (including software) with a 'Tested IoT Product' recertification.


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