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Central 4.2: conference apps, customisable buttons and save costs

25 November 2022
Prowise Touchscreen Ten

Your touchscreen is once again enhanced with useful features. With this version of Prowise Central, you can get started on the Prowise Touchscreen Ten G2 with homeschooling and customisable buttons. In addition, you can now save energy costs on your Prowise Touchscreens even easier!

New for the Prowise Touchscreen Ten G1 and G2, Prowise Touchscreen One, Prowise Touchscreen:

Save on energy costs
The three power modes in Prowise Central are remotely manageable via Prowise Screen Control. This means that you can push Energy Save mode remotely on all screens in a school or foundation. This can save schools thousands of euros a year. In this blog we have collected useful tips about saving energy with your Prowise touchscreens.

New for the Prowise Touchscreen Ten G2:

Conference apps
After this update, you can download Microsoft Teams, Google Meet and Zoom from your Prowise App Store and install them on your Prowise Touchscreen Ten G2. Combined with the optional Prowise MOVE camera, 6 wide-area microphones and 2.1 sound bar, a solution is created for remote teaching or video calling.

Bezel buttons
You can now link the three on-glass buttons in the centre on the front of the screen to an action yourself on the Prowise Touchscreen Ten G2. This allows you to really customise the screen to your own preferences. Link the on-glass buttons to HDMI 1 or your PC module, for example.

4 pens
With this update to Prowise Central, we have ensured that the use of the 4 pens is even better suited to the needs of our users. In addition, the pen pickup function can be switched off and the logic around picking up the pen has been improved. 


Central 4.2 Central 4.2
Update tips!

- Installation instructions for the update are available here.
- Haven't installed the update yet? The screen will continue to work.
- Questions? Consult our knowledge database. 


Knowledge base
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