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Artificial Intelligence? Prowise Learn has been doing this for years!

13 April 2023
Prowise Learn

Artificial Intelligence (AI), also known as Artificial Intelligence (AI), has become indispensable in education. A beautiful example is Prowise Learn with the well-known exercise programs Rekentuin, Taalzee, and Words&Birds. Prowise Learn is a powerful education platform that uses AI technology to offer personalized learning experiences to students at all levels. Using advanced algorithms and data-driven analysis, Prowise Learn can provide both students and teachers with insight into the students' strengths and weaknesses and accurately track their progress. This enables teachers to personalize learning plans based on the individual needs of each student, ensuring that they learn at their own pace. By combining artificial intelligence with educational content, Prowise Learn offers a unique and effective way to support students in their individual learning process and the achievement of their learning goals.

Checkmate in Prowise Learn 
Scientists from the University of Amsterdam developed adaptive technology for Prowise Learn 14 years ago based on the Elo rating system from the chess world. Such a rating system is used in various sports and online games to allow players of the same level to play against each other. After all, it's not motivating to play a game against an opponent who is much better or worse.

For Prowise Learn, we have changed one important element: instead of children playing against other children, the student plays against an online task. We match children and tasks to each other, so they never have a too good or bad 'opponent'. The student is up to the task here!

How does that work exactly? 
To ensure that the tasks in Prowise Learn are adjusted to the level of the students, the elo rating system is applied. By evaluating a student's completed tasks, the system can make an accurate estimate of the student's skill in various subjects and topics. In other words, with every task completed, the system gives both the playing student and the tasks a (new) rating. The rating for children is therefore an indication of their skill and the rating of the task is an indication of the difficulty. Based on these ratings, the system can recommend the right learning activities to the individual student to improve skills and eventual performance and the system continuously chooses tasks that match the skill of the child.

The Adaptive Intelligence of Prowise Learn
Unlike other adaptive software, the Prowise Learn system adjusts the ratings after each completed task. With many other adaptive software, the level is often only adjusted to the child once in a while. The advantage with Prowise Learn is that it responds directly to change and thus real-time, after each completed task, adjusts the skill and difficulty. The adaptive system is thus self-organizing and requires little basic information to implement the adaptivity. This means that Prowise Learn quickly and effectively makes adjustments to continuously optimize the student's learning experience.

The adaptivity of Prowise Learn ensures that students always get challenging but achievable exercises and thus prevents them from getting bored or frustrated by exercises that are too easy or too hard.

Success Guaranteed and Method Independent
The adaptive system of Learn is set up in such a way that every player always gets the majority of the tasks right, which results in a high success experience and motivation. With this operation, our technology is on par with the technology of reputable tests and we offer users insight into the level of players and the difficulty of the tasks. The automatic ranking of tasks based on the answers of all our players is determined not by us, but by all our players together, the order in which tasks are offered. This makes it better suited to the needs of the players than one can think of in advance. The system works method-independent and can therefore be used alongside any teaching method.

In addition, we also learn a lot about what children really find difficult or easy. Never before in the Netherlands has the difficulty of math, language, and English tasks (60,000) been mapped out on such a large scale using psychometry. The privacy of this data is of great importance to Prowise. The data that Prowise Learn collects in its system is anonymized. This means that we can only compare the results based on age categories and groups, but cannot trace back to individual students. This ensures that the privacy of students is protected and that their performances are not made public.

Learning at your own level is more fun, efficient, and challenging!
The system also makes it easy to add new tasks and games without testing the difficulty in advance. This technology forms the basis for cheaper and more user-friendly adaptive programs. And that is a beautiful development for children all over the world. Because learning at your own level is not only more efficient, but also more fun and challenging!

In short, Prowise Learn distinguishes itself from other adaptive exercise software by its accurate and tailor-made learning experiences, which are tailored to the individual needs and learning styles of each student. The platform meets the highest privacy and security standards and has been developed in collaboration with UvA, which underlines the scientific nature and effectiveness of the platform.

linkenberg, S., Straatemeier, M., & Van Der Maas, H. (2011). Computer adaptive practice of Maths ability using a new item response model for on the fly ability and difficulty estimation. Computers & education, 57(2), 1813–1824. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.compedu.2011.02.003

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