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Battledown Centre: inspiring development

23 December 2020
Prowise Touchscreen Ten, Prowise Presenter
Battledown Centre: inspiring development Battledown Centre: inspiring development
Battledown Centre: inspiring development Battledown Centre: inspiring development
“ The children love to draw and using the touchscreen pens. They help with developing mark making.”

At Battledown Centre for Children and Families in Cheltenham they know that an important element of modern education is interactive technology, a critical tool when engaging with children who find visual activities stimulating. Gone are the days of an old computer in the corner of the classroom. In this digital age we talk across time zones, explore geography from satellites; see under the microscope on 84" screens, so our future generations need access to the same tools.

Prowise goes further. A cohesion of imagination and cuttingedge technology, Prowise empowers children and teachers to achieve more than they thought possible. It creates new ways of thinking, provokes debate, and inspires development. What makes a school outstanding? Is it the people? The lessons? The community? The kids?

Prowise brings all those things together.

“My name is Jane, I am married with two boys and I have been involved with Battledown since 2001, starting as parent. My current role is a Continuous Improvement & Communications Coordinator. I feel very passionate about the school and what it offers children and families. We were in need of updating our ‘big screens’ in order to move with the times and integrate other devices such as iPads.We had been looking for a new solution for a while. As an Early Years Special School it was imperative that the new system was user friendly for everyone. A local IT Reseller asked if we would like a demo of Prowise. I saw the demo and I just knew it would work for us.” Prowise specialise in digital, educational solutions - Touchscreens, tablets and software that work in synergy. Our product range is put together a little differently, we have translated customer wishes into our products. If you choose Prowise you will not only get the best solution for your school, but also the best care and support, customer satisfaction is the foundation of our organisation.

Demo at your school

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