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Prowise at CES

The Dutch education scale-up Prowise will be presenting its latest high-tech touchscreen for the education sector at CES 2022 in Las Vegas.

The Prowise Touchscreen Ten is the only interactive flat panel display in the world to combine the strictest privacy and cyber security certifications with an integrated solution for home schooling and learning through motion.

"Revolutionising classroom technology with the world's safest interactive flat panel display"

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Prowise at CES
Press Kit: Sharing our Passion

The Prowise Press Kit consists of press releases, product information, visuals, videos, spec sheets and other must-knows.

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Deep dive touchscreen Deep dive touchscreen

Dive deep into the product

A touchscreen that breathes education, puts your privacy first and secures the future of the next generations.

Reliable, packed with functionalities with a sharp design that catches the eye.

A high-end touchscreen at the familiar, low Prowise price.

Prowise Touchscreen Ten
Learning through motion Learning through motion

Learning through motion

The Prowise MOVE camera in combination with the Prowise Touchscreen Ten offers schools the possibility of remote learning. The six wide-area microphones and the 2.1 Dolby Audio soundbar are integrated in the screen. With the Skype Teams, Meet and Zoom app installed on the touchscreen, the class can talk to an external expert or a pupil at home.
MOVE camera
Home schooling Home schooling

Home schooling

With the Prowise MOVE camera, children play educational games on the screen without physically touching it. The camera with Intel® RealSense™ technology registers the movements of the children and challenges them to get in motion. As the world's first education innovator, we make learning through motion easily available in the classroom.
3D 3D


Thanks to 3D, we can offer teachers and students a unique learning experience. Think of complete 3D worlds that you can virtually walk around in from Presenter. This way, you are in the front row everywhere and it feels like you are right there in the middle of it all. Learning becomes experiencing!
Prowise Presenter
Key info Prowise

Prowise is used in 27 countries worldwide

Prowise software users Prowise software users
Prowise software users
3,500,000 3,500,000
saved Presenter lessons
20,000+ 20,000+
1000+ companies 1000+ companies
Founded 2011 Founded 2011
Founded 2009
12 years experience
27 countries Prowise 27 countries Prowise
Unique position worldwide

At Prowise, we do things differently. We do not buy pre-made screens, we develop our touchscreens ourselves to the finest screw. This allows us to guarantee you the highest privacy & security standards, but it goes further than that. We can offer benefits you can enjoy every day.

Learning in DNA Learning in DNA

Learning in DNA

Learning is in our hearts. For 12 years and going strong. Education runs through the veins of our company. One-third of our colleagues has a history in education.
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Factory-independent Factory-independent


At Prowise, we do things differently than other brands. We do not buy pre-made products from China. We develop our products fully under Prowise management and own the technology.
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Privacy by Design Privacy by Design

Privacy by Design

To Prowise your privacy, security and safety are key.This stems from a deep belief in the right to privacy, especially when it comes to vulnerable groups like children.
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The people you will meet at CES 2022

Marlou van Winkel - Prowise Marlou van Winkel - Prowise

Marlou van Winkel

Marketing Specialist

Passionate about spreading the word about our innovative #EdTech solutions worldwide. Gets excited by seeing teachers and pupils who enjoy teaching and learning.

Edith Kwaspen - Prowise Edith Kwaspen - Prowise

Edith Kwaspen


Over 30 years marketing experience, specialised in Customer Experience and Service-Aftersales. Fan of #EdTech and am passionate about supporting education all over the world.

Jesper Kuijpers - Prowise Jesper Kuijpers - Prowise

Jesper Kuijpers

Senior Content Marketeer

Writes, blogs, creates cool education and product stories for Prowise. Fan of Presenter, touch table tools and #EdTech.

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